For those looking to copy the Recovery School District in Louisiana, this is one blog post you should read. Wisconsin, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas, you’ve been warned. Do you really want to do this to your children and waste your tax dollars?


This post features the story of a now-closed New Orleans Recovery School District (RSD) charter school, Lagniappe Academy.

It is an excerpt from a report entitled, System Failure: Louisiana’s Broken Charter School Law,  produced by the Center for Popular Democracy and the Coalition for Community Schools. The report calls for adequate investment in the oversight of Louisiana’s charter schools.

The report is also a call to support a stable learning environment for Louisiana students enrolled in charter schools.

The May 9, 2015, closure of Lagniappe Academy could have been avoided had the state instituted years ago a sound system of auditing schools, complete with the goal of only closing a school as a last resort.

Instead, the state conducted sloppy audits, relied upon whistle blowers to bring fraudulent activity to light, and ignored any sound and stable solution that might have kept the school open and preserved stability in…

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