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On September 01, 2015, Jonathan Alter of the Daily Beast published a piece entitled, “Why Liberals Should Learn to Love Charter Schools.” His article is apparently directed toward “liberals who should know better” than to be involved in the “disheartening backlash” against charter schools.

Among his “disheartened” arguments is that those chided,  anti-charter liberals “swallowed cherry-picked statistics from former Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch and her acolytes.”

Well, let’s just break out the cherry-picker and bring along one mammoth basket: One major issue that Alter ignores and that is prominent among Ravitch’s posts is the abundant stream of instances of charter school mismanagement and scandal.

In fact, Ravitch posted twice today about charter scandal and collapse in Ohio.

Here’s an excerpt on charter scandal in Ohio

During John Kasich’s governorship, charter schools have been the beneficiaries of political favoritism. The charter operators who give large sums to Republican candidates…

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